Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Richard Gutierrez Biography

RICHARD GUTIERREZ is Richard Kristian Rama in real life. He was born on January 21, 1984 in Beverly Hills, California.

Showbiz is no stranger to Richard being raised in the family of showbiz personalities. His father (Eddie Gutierrez) was a matinee idol in his time and his mother (Anabelle Rama) was also an actress. Richard's sister Ruffa Gutierrez is also an actress and at the same time won as runnerup in the Miss World competition.

Richard Gutierrez started his showbiz career as a child actor together with his twin brother Raymond Gutierrez. They were once very active in doing TV commercials. His first televisin appearance was in "Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin" as Inyigo. He was given the break when csted in GMA-7's teen oriented show "Click" where he was paired with Chynna Ortaleza.

Richard was casted indifferent TV shows after "Click" namely "Beh Bote Nga", "Habang Kapiling Ka", "Love To Love: Maid For Each OTher" and "Nuts Entertainment" as co-host. His popularity surged nationwide when he was given the lead role in "Mulawin". He was paired with actress Angel Locsin and their telefantasy show lasted for more than a year. The show also broke into the TV ratings during its airtime.

The success of "Mulawin" was followed by other notable shows for Richard. There's "Sugo", "Captain Barbell", "Lupin", "Kamandag", "Codename: Asero" and his latest "Zorro" which were all topping the ratings during their respective times.

Richard Gutierrez was also featured in documentaries as host/narrator such as "Signos: Banta Ng kalikasan" and "Full Force Of Nature". His future project for GMA-7 is "Full House" where he is going to play the role of Justin.

Richard's first movie appearance was "Bakit Papa" where he played the role of Dong under Regal Entertainment. It was follwed by a bigger role in "Mano Po 2", "Kuya", "I Will Survive", "Sigaw" and "Pinoy Blonde".

His movie with Angel Locsin titled "Let The Love Begin" was a phenomenal. It made a record by topping the box office record in its opening day besting all foreign films in that day. The movie hit the big screen on Valentine's Day of 2005 and that earned Richard the distinction "Valentine Box Office King".

Due to the huge success of "Mulawin", GMA Films decided to turn it into a movie, thus the creation of "Mulawin: The Movie" which also made a record in Philippines box office record. It was followed by "I Will Always Love You" with his love team Angel Locsin and some of the scenes were shoot in the United States.

Richard again was casted in "Mano Po 5: Gua Ai Di", his second appearance in the popular "Mano Po" sequels. It was followed by "The Promise", "My Best Friend's Girlfriend" where he was pairec with actress Marian Rivera. The success of "My Best Friend's Girlfriend" cemented Richard's throne as the "Valentine Box Office King".

"For the First Time" made another history when he was paired with KC Concepcion where a Kapuso and Kapamilya star were casted in the lead role in a movie. The movie was very successful in terms of box office and a second movie with KC was made. "When I Met you", his second movie with KC, was still bi but it didn't however beat their original movie.

Richard Gutierrez is scheduled to do a movie again with actress Anne Curtis, his former girlfriend, later in 2009. The movie is titled "Maybe This Time".

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